OpenClean Technologies, a division of Altitude Medical Inc., creates sanitizer systems for restroom doors, and other critical points of contamination

We provide solutions for hotels, restaurants, hospitals and many other businesses in the US

Creating & Tracking Over 10.5 Million Sanitization Events

OpenClean Technologies, a division of Altitude Medical Inc., makes sanitizer systems for restroom doors and other critical points of contamination. We make door handles with integrated door-mounted dispensing including real-time monitoring systems that allow users to sanitize their hands as they leave the restroom.

Our products are designed to put the sanitization event in the normal pathway of the user so that hand hygiene is easy and intuitive.  Our proprietary OpenClean Technologies help to protect customers and staff from needlessly getting serious infections by keeping hands sanitized upon exiting a restroom.

We believe that better design can vastly improve hand hygiene and keep people safe. Altitude Medical has developed OpenClean Technologies as a system with a wide range of global patents related to sanitizer dispensing solutions and it is our aim to drive innovation in the hand hygiene industry with our disruptive designs.

PullClean Hand Sanitizing Door Handle

The PullClean Hand Sanitizing Door Handle is designed for multi-stall restrooms with pull handles.  The PullClean handle is constructed with high impact aluminum.  It is easy to install & refill cartridges with no maintenance.  An ergonomic easy to use and intuitive design ensures high user satisfaction & compliance.

TurnClean Hand Hygiene System

The TurnClean Hand Sanitizing Door Handle is designed for single-stall restrooms with turn handles.   It is perfect For Guest/Customer Restrooms & Employee only Restrooms.  TurnClean offers hand sanitizing at the critical point of contamination as an Employee or guest exits the restroom

CountClean Monitoring System

Improve Employee Hygiene Compliance & Food Safety Practice while increasing Guest Satisfaction.  Countclean’s unique Insight Into Behavior & Predictive Analytics give Accurate Sanitizer Refill Alerts and Monitor Employee Compliance By Shift & By Location.  Drive High Level of Compliance For Both Employees And Guests, making your business safer and cleaner.


Product Update: OpenClean Technologies Seeks Trial Sites for CountClean

Our CountClean product is in use in hospitals, universities and aged care facilities across the country, but we are now seeking to expand its use into the services industry. CountClean uses patented technology to produce rich, ongoing, and highly useful data on rates of hand sanitization. We believe that CountClean enabled handles could have a dramatic effect on staff hand hygiene where the handle is positioned so as to maximise use. We are interested in working with partners who prioritize hand hygiene and would like to supplement their current audit approach with 24/7 monitoring of hand hygiene. Please get in touch!

TurnClean product in stock and ready for NRA!

A quick note to remind everyone that we’ll be at the National Restaurant Association show again in Chicago on the 18th to 21st of May. We’re on booth 10166 and looking forward to discussing how TurnClean and PullClean can improve hand sanitization in your restaurant (and sports bar, and coffee shop, and kitchen…). If you would like to book a meeting with one of our sales team, please get in touch.

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