Advanced Technology

OpenClean Technologies

Our OpenClean family of products allow our customers to install solutions throughout their facilities. TurnClean fits latched, turning handles, while PullClean fits “Pull-To-Exit” doors. Our CountClean technology ensures hand sanitization can be monitored continuously. By placing the hand sanitizer at the door, our OpenClean technologies solve several issues:

  • Users don’t need to scan walls and desks to find hand sanitizer – doors are easy to find in every built environment.
  • Handles are traditionally thought of as vectors of harmful infections meaning that users try to avoid touching them, but PullClean and TurnClean allow you to exit hygienically.
  • It’s difficult to remember to sanitize your hands as often as you should, but with TurnClean and PullClean, every time you open a door, you’re reminded to sanitize.
  • Monitoring hand sanitization is difficult, expensive, and prone to error, our CountClean real-time monitoring works seamlessly, 24/7.

It’s intuitive, simple & fast!