Coronavirus and Hand Hygiene

The recent outbreak in China has created heightened societal awareness around health and wellness.  We’re being asked a lot about the new Coronavirus and whether or not we can help.  The most important thing to recognize about this pathogen is that it is new, and hence, has not been studied anywhere near as much as the other infections we’re more familiar with.  This results in a lot of fear because people don’t like uncertainty.  However, the CDC has recently issued very sensible advice for Coronavirus: wash your hands with soap and water, and if this is not possible, sanitize with an sanitizer gel with at least 60% alcohol.

Our products (PullClean & TurnClean) are designed to make hand sanitization easier in order to reduce the harm and cost caused by avoidable infections.  Our sanitizer is 70% alcohol and while we follow the CDC’s advice in suggesting people concerned about Coronavirus wash their hands with soap and water wherever possible, we’d be proud to help any organization that wants to help increase rates of hand sanitization by installing our products on their doors.

At this time of heightened concern, if you want to increase your organisation’s barriers to infection and increase the opportunities for your customers and staff to sanitize their hands, please get in touch by calling us at 1-888-959-0211 or sending us an e-mail at for special offers.

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