Real-time Monitoring Of Hand Sanitizing At The Most Critical Control Points . . . When Guests & Employees Exit the Restroom

  • Improve Employee Hygiene Compliance & Food Safety Practices
  • Increase Guest Satisfaction
  • Unique Insight Into Behavior & Predictive Analytics
  • Accurate Sanitizer Refill Alerts
  • Monitor Employee Compliance By Shift & By Location
  • Analyze Site Level Hygiene Practices For The Entire Operation
  • Drive High Level of Compliance For Both Employees And Guests

System Features

  • Our CountClean technology records rates of hand sanitization.
  • All the CountClean electronics are contained within the handle, meaning no tags, or expensive hubs are required.
  • Download the CountClean app, set up the handle, and you will have access to hand hygiene data 24/7.
  • CountClean records all door opening events and all sanitization events providing the user with a rolling rate of hand sanitization.
  • The system also records when new cartridges are loaded, which allows our customers to keep track of sanitizer levels around their facilities.
  • It is estimated that 25% of wall-mounted dispensers are empty at any given time, and so this data can be very useful in increasing sanitizer availability, helping staff and customers to stay safe.