OpenClean Technologies Launches Advanced Hand Sanitizing Solutions For Restroom Doors

OpenClean Technologies an Altitude Medical company is pleased to announce their most advanced solution for sanitizing your hands as you leave the restroom. OpenClean Technologies consists of PullClean a sanitizing door handled designed for push multi-stall restrooms and newly introduced TurnClean a sanitizing door handled designed for locked single-stall restrooms.

The OpenClean System is designed for both employee back of house and guest front of house restroom doors to assist with hand hygiene, food safety compliance and overall quest experience. Our proprietary CountClean technology offers real-time remote monitoring for hand sanitizing compliance and is perfect for restaurants, hotels, hospitals and virtually all public restrooms.

We first launched our PullClean technology in hospitals and hotels and now with the introduction of TurnClean, we are excited to expand into the restaurant market. “It is amazing to watch the faces of employees of a hotel or restaurant leaving the restroom after experiencing our OpenClean system” said Ray Dunning, CEO OpenClean Technologies “every day we see a restaurant employee or hotel guest walk up to the manager and thank them for caring about hand hygiene and their health, particularly during flu season.” said Ray.

Our sanitizing door handles are stylish high-quality hardware and can be installed in just 10-15 minutes. All Handles are constructed with high impact aluminum, are easy to install and require no maintenance. Our proprietary cartridges feature our unique lock and key system and are easy to refill in just minutes. Our OpenClean sanitizer kills 99.99% of most common germs and has rich emollients to condition and moisturize your hands.

Founded in 2010, OpenClean Technologies an Altitude Medical Company makes sanitizer systems for restroom doors and other critical points of contamination. We make door handles with integrated door-mounted dispensing including real-time monitoring systems that allow users to sanitize their hands as they leave the restroom. Our products are designed to put the sanitization event in the normal pathway of the user so that hand hygiene is easy and intuitive. Our proprietary OpenClean Technologies help to protect customers and staff from needlessly getting serious infections by keeping hands sanitized upon exiting a restroom. Today, our system has over 5.5 million sanitizing events at the door.

For more information visit us at and please stop by and see us at the National Restaurant Show in Chicago booth #9960.

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