Our Advantage

We believe that better design can vastly improve hand hygiene and keep people safe. Altitude Medical has developed OpenClean Technologies as a system with a wide range of global patents related to sanitizer dispensing solutions and it is our aim to drive innovation in the hand hygiene industry with our disruptive designs.

We have drawn on the latest technologies and manufacturing processes to make our products essential in a range of markets focused on sanitizing hands at that critical control point … the restroom door handle as you exit connecting people, science & technology.


We Sanitize Your Hands At Critical Control Points Of Contamination As You Open The Restroom Door


We Improve Personal Hand Hygiene For Guest Satisfaction, Employee Health & Food Safety Contamination

Connecting People, Science, & Technology


Our Sanitizing System Kills 99.99% of Germs While Conditioning Your Hands With Long Lasting Emollients


Our Proprietary Door Handle Dispensing Systems Are Easy To Use & Have Advanced Remote Monitoring