• PullClean Handle and Hand Sanitizer with Moisturizer
  • Perfect for Guest/Customer Restrooms & Employee only Restrooms
  • Designed to increase the frequency of hand sanitizing and hand hygiene compliance
  • PullClean offers hand sanitizing at the critical point of contamination as an Employee or guest exits the restroom
  • Employing PullClean on high traffic doors produces a dramatic increase in hand sanitization rates
  • PullClean is an important tool in helping achieve hand hygiene compliance without disrupting their normal workflow

System Features

Designed for multi-stall restrooms with pull handles, the PullClean handle is constructed with high impact aluminum.  It is easy to install & refill cartridges with no maintenance.  Ergonomic easy to use and intuitive design ensures high user satisfaction & compliance

  • Hand sanitizing & conditioning system
  • Easy to install, no drilling
  • Lock & key cartridge system
  • 420 applications / cartridge
  • Kills 99.99% of most common germs
  • 70% v/v alcohol-based formula
  • Rich emollients to condition and moisturize

Product Features

  • Easy to install — PullClean is a simple pull handle that fits “Push-to-Enter, Pull-to-Exit” multi-stall restroom doors
  • Easy to use — The PullClean door handle is used like a normal dispenser. Push the paddle to receive the sanitizer into the hand.
  • Easy to refill — Simply open the handle with the PullClean key, take out the empty cartridge and replace the new one.
  • Easy to restock– PullClean Cartridge refills are stocked regionally any of our registered distributors.
  • CountClean — PullClean handles have the option of including simple monitoring software that can can measure hand hygiene activity at the door.

Front of the House - Public Restrooms

  • Public restroom installations convey to your guests that you are taking an additional step to assuring their health and wellness
  • Enhance guest experience & improve your social media ratings

Back of the House – Employee Restrooms

  • Strategic placements improves hand hygiene, employee health and food safety
  • Easy and intuitive way to improve hand hygiene rates for staff and personnel
  • PullClean is meant to compliment current hand hygiene programs
  • Install PullClean handles at high-traffic locations
  • Higher hand sanitizer utilization rates at the door should result in better health and fewer sick days

Replacing Cartridges is easy as 1 - 2 - 3!